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Why Daryle Singletary Was Traditional Country's Greatest Defender

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Daryle Singletary won country fans' hearts by keeping tradition in his soul. Singletary, who died February 12th at the much-too-young age of 46, defied every country trend that came down the musical path during his more than 20-year career, including the numerous reincarnations of pop country and the later phenomenon of bro-country. He wouldn't bend, and fans loved him for it.

Not that he protested with a shake of the fist or the rattling of sabers.


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Chris Young Tips a Hat to Daryle Singletary With ‘I Let Her Lie’

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The shocking and unexpected death of country singer Daryle Singletary on Monday (Feb. 12) stunned the country music community, with many artists paying tribute to the singer in various touching ways.

Chris Young was among these, including a hat tip to to Singletary during his San Antonio, Texas, show that very night. He performed a bit of Singletary's 1995 hit "I Let Her Lie," a critically acclaimed single detailing a man grappling with his lover's infidelity.


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